I have started many blogs. Actually too many. I am not sure whether this will be the last one, but this time I hope to be a bit more organised and potentially bring more writing stamina to the table.

What is different from my last 20 blogs

In the past I have noticed that my writing and posting was driven by adding something to my site which brings new content, drives traffic, enhances my public perception. That might have been a reasonable approach, but it does not work out as a sustainable motivation source. This time I am actually doing something different: My focus will be on stuff I do care about and that is not enhancing a website, driving traffic, decorating a portfolio with content. No, I will just write about stuff I love, I like and I do.

Choosing the right tools

Something I found out in the past was that I felt inhibited or distracted by tools. Wordpress is great and I love the fact that it has grown into something big and versatile. But on the other hand that is exactly the thing which let's my brain start spinning and craving for adding stuff and features and images and stylesheets to each post. Just because I can. Not helping! So I have decided to "limit" myself on every level: Hosting for this blog is at DigitalOcean because they offer dead simple hosting for my CMS. And I love their simple interfaces and neat design and illustrations. One simply has to support good work I think. Which brings me to the CMS. Back in 2013 I helped to bring Ghost to life and now it is ready for prime-time (or at least Jan-time). The interface is super clean, the options are super limited and I am writing in Markdown most of the time anyway. Although the setup was a bit challenging at times I got this blog of the ground. Yay!

Topics and timing

I do not want to give an outlook here and now. I have done that so many times and did not deliver. Let me just go ahead and fill this thing and a structure will become clear to you my dear first post reader. So be patient, stay curious, and please let me know if you like stuff, and if you don't feel free to help me improve things.
Thanks for coming along on this little adventure.