One of the nicest documentaries of the last few years is the Sign Painter Film. Well at least to me since I totally admire the guys being portrayed. And I am pretty sure you will love then as well!

The Sign Painters film

Personally I bought the Premium Edition with additional interviews which is totally worth the extra money. I am not the kind of guy who is easily pulled into additional material on DVDs or Blurays. Often times I simply could not care less about the polished and often times boring PR stuff that gets pressed onto the discs. But I that is a different story ;)

Watching the film will take you on a little journey with some real characters: You can almost smell the paint when you see what they paint. I was super motivated to get my s**t together to start with my lettering and type design after watching the film the first time and it got better ever since. When you hear these people talking about their jobs and why they do it you cannot help but feel deep respect for the craft, the dedication, and the achievements they talk about.

I could go into detail about every single person interviewed but I would rather urge you to see the film without knowing too much. In case you feel like seeing it on a big screen the official site has global screening times.

The Sign Painters book

In addition to the film there as an accompanying book as well. Yes you have guess it: It is called Sign Painters as well. Many of the things from the film can be found in there and it is a nice addition to your design library and/or your coffee table. I like the book because of the nice selection of work examples and bought it before I actually realised that there was a film to watch as well. Have a look at it when you stop by at my office.

Keeping it to myself? No!

Since this is my personal blog, I have decided to talk about things like the Sign Painters film as well as books and other things as well. I hope you like my recommendations. Feel free to share this and other posts if you like them or leave a comment. Or, hey, do both things in case you feel that it is totally rad.